Military Discharge

There is no charge to record a Military DD214 and there is no charge to obtain a copy of a military discharge.

In accordance with the statute NC G.S. 47-133.2., the following parties are authorized to record or obtain copies of military discharges:

  1. The subject of the document or the subject’s widow or widower.

  2. Agents and representatives of the subject authorized in writing

    1. By the subject or subject’s widow or widower in a notarized authorization,

    2. By a court to represent subject, or

    3. By the subject’s executor acting on behalf of a deceased subject.

   3.  Authorized agents of the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs, the United States Department of

        Veterans Affairs, the Department of Defense, or a court official with an interest in assisting the subject or the

        deceased subject’s   beneficiaries to obtain a benefit. 

   4.  Agents or representatives of the North Carolina State Archives.

The above parties must provide government issued identification to request a copy of the military discharge

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