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Fraud Alert Now Offered

Feb 6, 2024

The Clay County Register of Deeds is now offering a free service to Clay County residents/property owners. A new service will notify a property owner via email of any document filed in the name in which they choose to have monitored.

To opt into the service, property owners will need to visit the Register of Deeds website at and under Services select Fraud Alert. Users should enter their legal name and any variations where indicated. Upon registration, individuals will receive an email alert each time a document is recorded with the Clay County Register of Deeds in the name chosen to have monitored. The email will give property owners an instrument number, a book and a page, as well as a date and time of recording.

Note: “The software will not stop a document from being recorded, but it will keep the property owner up to date on any real estate transaction or other document being filed with our office”

This Recording Alert System does not authorize the Register of Deeds to remove, revise or redact a recorded document. This system is simply to make the public aware that a document has been recorded in their name.

If you need further assistance please call our office at 828-389-0087

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